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Posted on Mar 4th, 2016

Be a Part of a Better Willow Bay -
Would you like to be a part of a better Willow Bay?  We all would, but it doesn’t happen without your participation.  If you want to be a part of it, you need to BE a part of it.  Join a committee!
Why would you want to join a committee?  First of all, you would have a direct impact on some of the decisions made for our neighborhood.  Your voice would be heard.  Second of all, it’s a great way to meet your neighbors, be a part of something bigger, use your talents and give back, build your interpersonal and leadership skills, and build a resume.  And finally, it doesn’t take us much time as you think.  Being a part of a committee really only requires a few hours a month and the time spent will pay big dividends to you personally.
Right now we are seeking out committee chairs and volunteers for all committees including - beautification, communications, social, hospitality, and finance.  Please do an inventory of your talents and gifts and email us directly at letting us know how you would like to participate.  Please don’t leave it to everyone else to volunteer.  We need you.
An Opportunity for Your Children -
As part of our commitment to keeping Willow Bay beautiful and clutter-free, we have decided to form a sub-committee under beautification called Neighborhood Clean-up.  While this sub-committee is available to both youth and any adults wishing to participate, we would like to outline the enormous opportunity for the youth.
As a part of this sub-committee, your children would be able to fulfill required community service hours for the Frisco Independent School District.  But more than that, they would be building a stronger resume for college and future job opportunities.  They would be demonstrating and building leadership skills, communication skills, organizational skills, and inter-personal skills while strengthening their community.
All this sub-committee requires is a couple of hours a month walking the perimeter of our community collecting trash.  That’s it.  They get an opportunity to build a resume while taking ownership and pride in our community.
If you are interested in this opportunity for you or your children, please contact us at letting us know.  All participants will be required to sign a simple waiver of liability to participate.  And, of course, guardians will need to sign on behalf of any minors.
Pool Key Distribution IMPORTANT DETAILS -
As you are aware, we have a new, safer, and more secure pool key system in place.  The new system allows our home owners to access the pool via a card panel.  We, therefore, need to get those new key cards into your hands.
We have chosen to distribute the key cards on April 2nd from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Willow Bay north pool.  Please plan on having an adult homeowner come by the pool that day to sign for and receive your new key.  We will not be able to distribute the pool keys to minors, so please do not send your children in your place.  Additionally we will not be able to distribute cards to anyone but the homeowner for security reasons, soid will be required.  Please understand that this is for the security of our neighborhood and to protect your personal liability.  Thank you.
If you cannot make the pool key pick-up times, you can email Raj Doobraj at  to arrange for delivery by mail.  The cost is $10.
The Yard of the Month is Back -
With spring almost here, it’s time to start thinking about the yard again - weeds, mulch, planting, mowing, pruning.  You get the idea.  And your efforts will not go unnoticed as we are bringing back the yard of the month this April.
Just a reminder that there will be one winner on the north side and one winner on the south side.  Each winner gets a $50 Home Depot gift card, a yard of the month sign proudly displayed in your yard, and the envy of all your neighbors.  Go for it; get yard of the month this April.
HOA Dues and Payment Schedules -
Lastly we would like to share with you that we do understand and appreciate your questions and concerns regarding the timing of HOA dues.  It’s a question that often arises, and we get it - after the holidays is a tough time to take on any payment.  Similarly it’s tough during spring break, summer vacations, birthdays, tax season, you name it.  The point is that there never seems to be a good time to pay dues.
There is a reason for our January timeline, however, and that is because our financing must match up on a calendar year.  Additionally we have financial obligations and accounts payable where our HOA dues are greatly needed.  And, unfortunately, we do not have the flexibility to change when our financial obligations are due.
There is a solution.
We would like to encourage every home owner that would like to lower the impact of annual dues to set up a payment plan through your financial organization in advance of the due date.  You can set up monthly payments through your online banking that have NO fees associated with them whatsoever.  Each month you can make one small payment that is automatically drafted from your account to minimize the impact, keep you on track, and have you paid in full by the time the dues are required.
Now would be a great time to put the plan into effect.  Why?  Your board at Willow Bay is constantly looking for ways to improve our neighborhood - better security, more amenities, beautification, etc.  These improvements depend on our dues each year.  At the present time, Willow Bay has one of the lowest dues required in the city of Frisco.  
To keep up with our improvements and keep making Willow Bay an attractive place to live, our dues will need to be adjusted starting in 2017.  We don’t have an exact number at the present time; we are evaluating our financial needs and obligations to determine an appropriate increase amount.  We will continue to communicate with you as we know more.
Please understand that our goal it to keep Willow Bay safe, clean, connected, and attractive.  By doing so, we can better ensure that our property values keep rising.
Thank you for being a part of our community!
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