• Who do I contact to get a street light repaired?
    Street lights in Willow Bay are owned and maintained by our electric provider, CoServ.  To request a repair, click here and fill out the online form.
  • What utility/phone/television/Internet providers are available in the neighborhood?
    CoServ is the provider for electric and natural gas.
    AT&T Uverse and Spectrum provide phone, television and Internet service.
    DirecTV and Dish Network both provide satellite television service.
    Contact the City of Frisco's Utility Billing Department to establish water, sewer, sanitation and recycling service.
  • Are cars allowed to be parked in the street in Willow Bay? What about RVs, trailers and work trucks?
    The streets within Willow Bay are public residential streets and cars parked legally are allowed.  To be parked legally a car must be parked with right side tires along the curb and no more than 18 inches away from the curb.  It must be operable and display a current inspection sticker and registration.  It must be parked at least 30 feet from any stop sign at an intersection and 20 feet from any crosswalk at an intersection.
    See Sections 545.302 and 545.303 of the Texas Transportation Code for more details.
    RVs, trailers, boats, etc. cannot be stored in the neighborhood unless they are completely concealed from public view (see CC&R Article IX, section 7).  The same goes for any truck in excess of 1 ton or any vehicle with painted advertisement (Article IX, setction 8).  Also, City of Frisco ordinances prohibit RVs, trailers, etc. from parking in the street except for loading and unloading.  These vehicles can be ticketed by Frisco police if they remain parked in the street for extended periods.
  • How do I get approval for a new patio cover/fence/shed/etc.?
    Fill out a Request for Home Improvement or Architectural Approval Form and submit it to RealManage along with detailed plans.  Also, check with the City of Frisco to make sure the improvement meets code or requires a building permit.
  • What are the HOA's landscaping requirements? How many trees do I need to have in my yard?
    The HOA doesn't have any set number of trees or shrubs that you should plant in your yard.  It only requires that you maintain your yard by mowing, keeping trees and shrubs healthy and trimmed, and keep beds and lawn as free of weeds as possible.
    The City of Frisco, on the other hand, does have a set of minimum requirements which can be found here: Landscape Requirements.  Lots in Willow Bay are required to have two shade trees (lots over 8,500sq ft are required to have three shade trees) with a minimum of 3 inch caliper at the time of planting.  This means, at 4.5 feet from the ground, the trunk should be 3" in diameter.  The trees can be any combination of the following: Caddo Maple, Pecan, Shagbark Hickory, Deodar Cedar, Texas Percimmon, Russian Olive, Honeylocust, Black Walnut, Eastern Black Walnut, Eastern Red Cedar, Red Cedar, Sweetgum, Southern Magnolia, Chinese Pistachio, Texas Pistache, Bur Oak, Chinquapin Oak, Shumard Oak, Texas Red Oak, Live Oak, Western Soapberry, Bald Cypress, Winged Elm, American Elm, Cedar Elm, Chinese Elm, Lacebark Elm, or Siberian Elm.  These can be planted anywhere on your yard.  Substitutions for these listed trees must be approved by the City of Frisco's Planning & Development Service Landscape Architect.
  • Who should I contact if there is a mainentance issue in the common areas (lights out, sprinklers broken, etc.)?
    Please contact RealManage by phone at 866-4-RealService (866-473-2573) or by email to report the problem.
  • Are garage sales allowed?
    Yes, but written consent must be obtained prior to the sale.  No more than 2 garage sales of no more than 2 days duration make be conducted during any 12 month period.  (See CC&R Article VII)
    Homeowners may volunteer to coordinate a Neighborhood wide garage sale where the entire neighborhood can participate. If you would like to lead a garage sale, contact Real Manage for guidance and access to community signs and resources. 
  • How can I keep all the solicitors from disturbing my home?
    The best way is to obtain a No Solicitation sign from Frisco Neighborhood Watch. They are $10 and can be purchased at the Frisco Police Station (7200 Stonebrook Pkwy) or from any FNW Block Captain.
  • I'm interested in joining the neighborhood watch. What do I need to do?
    Getting involved in neighborhood watch is a great way to help keep the neighborhood safe and involves very little of your time.  Becoming a Block Captain is easy.  First, read the Block Captain Duties.  Second, fill out and submit the Block Captain Application Form.  Frisco PD will run a background check and get back to you when that is complete, usually within a week.  Then go out and meet your neighbors.  Introduce yourself as their new FNW Block Captain and get their names and contact info to create a phone/email tree so that you can forward any crime watch/prevention tips.  A typical watch area should be about 8-12 homes.
    Coordinate your activities with the safety committee and the other neighborhood Block Captains.
    More info can be found on the Frisco Neighborhood Watch website.

Pool / Spray Park
  • Where are the amenities located?
    There is an HOA owned park at the corner of Geranium Drive and Raspberry Lane.  The Spray Park is at 13485 Lincolnshire Lane.  There are two pool areas.  One is at 12385 Pond Cypress Lane and the other is at 11400 Yucca Drive.
  • How do I request a keycard to the pools and spray park?
    The quickest and easiest way is to request one through the Real Manage portal at www.ciranet.com.  Otherwise, you can fill out the amenity key request form and submit it to RealManage.
  • Are celebrations permitted at the community pools or spray park?
    Yes, small homeowner hosted celebrations are permitted at each of our community amenities. The events may not be private or restrict access to other homeowners. The pools or spray park will still be open for the enjoyment of the entire neighborhood during your scheduled event. Please keep guests to a maximum of 12 and remember that you are responsible for your guests for the duration of the event. Homeowners are responsible for all cleanup following the event and all items, including trash, must be removed from the amenity location. Do NOT leave celebration trash in the provided trash containers.  
    If you have questions regarding a celebration at one of the amenities, please follow the policied provided on the Resident Portal or contact Real Manage
  • How do I turn on the spray park?
    There is an orange pole in the middle that turns on the water. Press and hold the button for about 5-10 seconds for the water to flow through the system and enjoy!